Establishment Politicians May Be Playing Double Jeopardy with Trump

Prior to Super Tuesday, establishment republican Christie endorsed Trump. We can assume that was to help Trump shore up more delegates on Super Tuesday. Trump didn’t do as well as expected with Cruz winning three states and Rubio winning one state. Maybe the support of the establishment hurt Trump. The establishment democrat Reid even stated that he liked Trump the best because he could work with him. This surely hurt Trump more than help.

The next move the republican establishment took was to trot out has-been candidate Romney who was rejected by the conservative republicans. Romney railed against a Trump presidency and how Americans are being played as suckers. This criticism of the public would and has resulted in a backlash against Romney and a clamoring of support FOR Trump. Trump has someone to rail back against which Trump fans love. Perhaps the establishment republicans were shoring up support for Trump because they may have finally understood how hated they are. Reid has now come out railing against Trump calling out the establishment republicans for creating Frankinstein. Could this be double jeopardy by both parties of the establishment elite?

In short, first they are against Trump over Jeb. Then they are for Trump over Cruz and Rubio. Now they claim they are against Trump when Cruz has an opportunity to overtake Trump. The establishment HATE the idea of Cruz who is in the chase for President. The establishment politicians know they are hated all around and now we know who needs to be president.

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