American’s Anger Should Focus on a President Cruz

Anger towards the tone-deaf political elites of both parties has been focused on electing Trump. Trump keeps repeating what the people want to hear and it is starting to remind me of candidate Obama. It’s giving me the feeling of uneasiness. Obama wasn’t questioned on ANYTHING of substance. Neither is Trump. In the latest debate, he stated that his healthcare plan was to cross state lines. He said there was nothing to add to that. He brags that he will get things done – again, familiar words of Obama. His braggadocio is starting to sound just that – a lot of hot air. Trump is the deal-maker but that does not define his values and conservatism. The position of Secretary of State or a business deal committee seems better suited for the Donald, but not president of the United States.

The presidential race has come down to Trump or Cruz. Cruz won in Iowa despite saying that he would end corporate loopholes and subsidies, including paying corn farmers to produce ethanol fuel that gunks up our motors. Cruz stands on his values and does not waiver. Trump favors the ethanol subsidies. We do not know if subsidies are something Trump favors or if he thought it was the political thing to say. The bottom line is that Cruz will end subsidies and Trump will not.

The political elite are beginning to stand behind Trump which tells us that Cruz is the one they fear as president. Trump brags that he can make deals with anyone including his friends on both sides of the parties. That is exactly what we do not want. The cronyism and special favors are exactly what Trump is talking about – deal making. Talk about the power Trump, the political elite and the big corporations will have over the little people. He brags that he knows them all and will work with them. We want someone who has our values and stands up for them. The New York values Trump has held for 60+ years are not our values. Only one person has our values.

Had it not been for Senator Cruz, Rubio and his Gang of 8 would have passed amnesty of over 12 million illegals and put them on a path to citizenship. Trump talks about deporting all illegals and bringing the good ones back. That is Trump’s plan as we have heard repeatedly. Trump admitted on the debate stage that he hired illegals because no Americans wanted the jobs. He’s double-talking: he’s going to send them away but they are needed for American corporations. We really do not know where his values lie.

Cruz is a staunch defender of our constitution. If another progressive ideologue finds his or her way onto the Supreme Court bench, we can kiss our liberties good-bye. We have no idea of the type of person Trump wants on this bench. We certainly have a clear idea of who Cruz would nominate as a Supreme Court justice. With Cruz as president, we can have complete faith that he will find the best person suited for the life-long position.

Cruz has said that he will end the IRS and the following: Department of Energy, Department of Education, Department of Commerce and Department of Housing and Urban Development. These are wasteful bureaus that have expanded government reach and Cruz is determined to close them down. Trump hasn’t mentioned closing any agencies or bureaus. Trump has only repeated the line that he is going to make America great again. Sounds like rhetoric that has no direction behind it. We know how Cruz will make America great again. He will cut down the size and power of the political elite’s power bases. Of course they hate him. Trump said at the debate that Cruz’s colleagues hate him and will not endorse him. Imagine having a president who we no longer have to question the political motives behind each action. Ted Cruz is exactly who we are looking for as a president.

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