Liberals Destroying Our Country by Over-Spending

President Bush added $4 trillion to our nation’s debt bringing it to $9 trillion. Candidate Obama claimed in his snarky, off-putting way that adding $4 trillion to the debt was irresponsible and unpatriotic. He went on mocking Bush on taking out a credit card from the Bank of China in the name of our children. Candidate Obama then promised to cut this debt in half. With the remaining year to his presidency, Obama has already doubled the debt past $18 trillion. Why didn’t our elected representatives hold the Obama administration accountable? That was their job.

The United States has nothing to show for this debt. NOTHING. We do have a possibility of going bankrupt and of living in a third world country. Look around at the decay. Compare this debt to personal debt. At some point, the shell game is over and the debt comes due. Obama spent our country into oblivion and in the future he will claim that the fault lies with those darn obstructionist republicans. If only the republicans had stood up to Obama, we would not be in this position. The spineless republican political elites have earned zero respect from their electorate.

No wonder Trump has stayed on top of the presidential contenders. He wants to make America great again because it is not anymore. He could have it in the bag by announcing that he would appoint Ted Cruz as the next Supreme Court Justice.

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