Is Mr. Gore a Liar? by T. Hughes

Is Al Gore’s Global Warming real? Check out this NASA website showing the North Pole moving north.

Al Gore is trying to pull the sheep’s wool over everyone’s eyes to sell carbon coupons and get rich rather than telling the truth.  This NASA website shows the North Pole moving north at a rate of 10 to 40 km per year.  That is why the Ice Caps are melting, not to mention the fact that a volcano developed and exploded under the ice in Greenland.

Can we trust the Democrats to tell us the truth?  Can we trust the Democrats not to choose money (their own wealth), over us, the American Public?

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    Al Gore’s mentor Roger Revelle, the godfather of global warming, warned Gore and the UN IPCC that CO2 was not a problem. The following year, 1991, Gore claimed the science behind global warming was settled. So, yes, Al Gore is a liar. But he is a very rich liar. The following is a must read:

    The Amazing Story Behind the Global Warming Scam by John Coleman

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