Why I Haven’t Written In Awhile by C. Headrick

What more is there to say about President Obama and his destruction of our country? For a couple of weeks, I tried to avoid any news and enjoy my life and my family and experience the goodness and competence of our local hospital due to a family member’s surgery. My daughter is in competitive golf with high hopes of playing college golf, my son is excited about leading his brass section in his ROTC band and searching for the right college and my husband is growing junior golf in the area. I have an idyllic life. And then there in the background is a grumbling of our country falling apart.

I hear the news: our First Lady stoking the racist flames, police shot in multiple cities,  the burning of Baltimore by black thugs, war preparation of China, Islamist jihadists in our country and a flattened football.  I expect no good news coming out of the Obama administration. His term cannot end soon enough – January 2017. I just hope our country survives this president and his purposeful destruction, because our country and individual citizens are just plain the best.

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