Illegals and the Republican Party

America is a country with borders including 1,951 miles with Mexico.  Our southern states near Mexico are being flooded with illegal immigrant children unaccompanied by parents.  Our Department of Homeland Security is directly involved in dispersing these children by bus and plane from Texas to New Mexico and Arizona.  Photos of warehoused children that our federal government did not want you to see have surfaced.  The governors of these states are left with a humanitarian crisis: thousands of Spanish speaking children with just the clothes on their backs.  Obama’s response is asking for $1 billion of our taxpaying dollars, lawyering up the children and telling the governors to take care of the children being dumped in their states.

Republican’s response is to promise legislation on amnesty on our country which is already drowning in welfare recipients.  Democrats will fight for amnesty for ‘the children’ which many will be of voting age in 2016.  How convenient to use and abuse the children for the good of both the children and the democrat party.  Anyone who cheered Obama on his proclamation of fundamentally changing the United States should be cheering really loudly right now.  If millions of illegals receive amnesty, Obama will have turned America into a majority welfare state.

Although our Constitution proclaims the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of opportunity, a welfare state prohibits this.  Obama and his fellow liberal progressive Hillary will need more of our tax dollars to pay for welfare.  And then will need even more of our tax dollars down the road.  Educating our new Americans with the Common Core agenda and free healthcare costs lots of money.  With open borders, courtesy of office-holding democrats and republicans, more and more illegals will continue entering our country.  Who or what is to stop this from happening?

Republicans found out last night.  House Majority leader Eric Cantor lost his primary reelection bid to Dave Brat, Tea Party candidate who campaigned on closing the border.  Cantor told Neil Cavuto recently that something has to be done with the illegal children.  Obama must have heard him and responded by the children dumping.  I feel for Cantor having to negotiate with Obama and toeing the line on immigration, but he should have represented his conservative base with the focus on closing the border.  Period.

Republicans know better than trusting Obama to have our country’s best interests at heart.  What kind of a person, much less president of the United States, promotes dumping illegal immigrant children in our country without thinking past our goodwill?  If republicans want the Senate in 2014 and the White House in 2016, they had better listen to their conservative base.  Stop the bantering with promises of partial amnesty.  Stop using democrats tired, used-up phrases of doing things ‘for the children’.  And, most of all, start realizing that the Tea Party is the base of the republican party.

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  1. Ann says:

    How are tons of illegal children getting here by themselves? When they are found, put them on a bus and send them back to their parents. Mexican authorities can take care of them. What-are they just coming over as orphans?

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