Why All the Protests?

Trump was elected by his silent warriors. We blogged, we posted on social media, we supported the Tea Party, and on November 8, 2016, we elected our person. Protests started the day after Trump’s inauguration and it appears that the protesting will continue whatever Trump does. The Left’s views are the opposite of the rest of the country. Why protest post-election? The Left lost. The Left was living in its liberal-made bubble with fake accolades, fake news, and fake polls while their countrymen were suffering. Local hospitals are closing, fed-up doctors are choosing early retirement, small businesses are looking at doubled labor costs and rising insurance rates. Middle class families are trying to figure out how to afford going to doctors and how to pay for health insurance. Families are drowning while the Left continues to promote a world of unicorns and rainbows. These families’ hope is in Trump to change the course.

About that fake news. Hillary was awarded Most Admired Woman of the Year for the 2oth time in 2015. I know we good little people of the United States were supposed to drum this into our heads and automatically elect her president. We chose Trump because it no longer works that way. Enough of us decided that the Left is completely out of touch with reality. Plenty are holding on with their protesting but when the jobs open up because of Trump’s policies, they, too, will leave and go to work.

Here’s to Trump obliterating the liberal agenda and getting this country back on its conservative, independent way of life. The dream of open borders, denigrating capitalism and harping on queerness and climate change is dying. The protesting won’t bring it back. Liberals, this time you lost big. You know it and we know it. We love Trump and trust that he has the backbone to ignore your protesting tears and propaganda.

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What the Hell Was the Women’s March Really About?

Many social media discussions and articles have been trying to get to the bottom of this so-called march. Trump had been president maybe 24 hours and marches occurred across the United States for what reason? A long social media debate came down to equality and, not kidding, one of the issues was that women’s dry cleaning costs more than men’s. To which I inquired, “What was the percentage of women who marched because their designer silk blouses cost more at the cleaners than a man’s standard cotton shirt?”

An interesting take by American Thinker’s Doris O’Brien’s article “Progressives’ post-election guilt therapy” is that liberal women feel guilty for not getting Hillary elected. This is likely true for the Bernie supporters who didn’t vote, but this guilt has turned into a Trump hate-fest. The garb of the march was a square hat that was supposed to look like pussy cat’s ears in reference to Trump’s man-to-man discussion on women. Oooo, they really got him this time. Actually, the hats just really looked dumb and Trump is president. If the point of the pussy hat and a major reason for the march was to hate on Trump for treating women badly, why no hatred for Hillary who took on the job to denigrate the women abused by her husband Bill Clinton? The truth of the matter is that liberals truly hate the opposition and Hypocrite is thy name.

The fall-out from the march came from the marchers with their vulgar signs and costumes and Hollywood elite speakers who disgraced themselves and their liberal cause. Trump supporters were and will always be extremely loyal to Trump; he has saved them from an Obama third-term via Hillary. These women marchers unknowingly strengthened conservatives’ resolve to never let these people in charge again. It is conceivable that not one person in the United States was proud of this display and persuaded to join the likes of them. Good luck, democrats. You reap what you sow. With eight years of Obama’s lessons in divisiveness, these women learned really well. Your constituents’ anger and hate is in stark contrast to conservatives’ optimism and love.

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Trump, the Only Man Who Couldn’t Be Beaten

The long-awaited, glorious moment arrived as President-elect Trump put his hand on the Bible and recited the presidential oath. The relief that the Obama era concluded with America standing is indescribable.  The fear that the middle class with its conservative values would be wiped away from a Hillary presidency was very real. For eight years, the United States has been run by an Orwellian administration with lies so big and ridiculous. Names given to bills were outright opposite of what the bills did, such as Affordable Care Act and Stimulus. The socialist agenda of government control was incrementally erasing our freedoms. Liberal supporters including the media never blinked an eye. The irony of the media support with fake poll numbers and false narratives of a Hillary presidency landslide aided in a Trump win. And now the fawning media have to deal with Obama’s antithesis in Trump. God willing, political correctness will become a distant memory.

A few days into the presidency of Trump feels like a new era in America has taken hold. The nasty women can march all they want dressed up as vaginas but they have been marginalized by the citizens who voted for Trump. Black Lives Matter is on notice that police lives do matter and that rioting can now lead to ten years in jail. Free rides of setting fires and vandalizing property in the name of racism will be no longer be tolerated.

A lesser man than Trump could not have pushed through the onslaught as he did and survive. The anarchists who want the United States destroyed from the inside out are real and come in all types of forms, mostly funded by the evil Soros. The most unfortunate are the women who marched in the name of equality; they are the clueless puppets of evil yet think they serve a noble cause. They may one day understand that Trump rose out of Obama’s liberal mess to save their sorry asses.

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The Adults Are Back In Charge

Obama faded with his fifty minute farewell address last night followed by Trump’s press conference in the morning in which he shined. The end of the Obama years are so close. Obama boasted about the power of his pen rather than working with Congress and focusing on relationship-building. A nasty memory of Obama meeting with congressional leaders pretty much sealed his fate. Our elected official spoke up and Obama responded with, “I won.” Much of his agenda will be simply reversed with Trump’s pen. Obama never seemed to understand that the office of the president did not come with dictatorial powers. As the Trump administration is about to begin, the children are packing up and moving out with their victim-pushing, race-baiting, Political Correct, and overall amateurish  agendas. The adults are back and the United States can rest assured that our country will have the best and brightest in charge of our future.

The left has been bombarding us these past eight years with hypocritical sayings which were often blatant lies. The latest, and to be sure Obama’s administration is behind it, is the Fake News. He and his media brainstormed to come up with the Fake News meme on why Trump got elected. Trump and the electorate checkmated Obama this time having already pinned the real fake news on Obama and his media. Obama has been successful for eight years claiming one thing but meaning another. He must think that this strategy will continue working for him but he is wrong. The jig is up. Obama and his administration have relied on these childish tactics – use of celebrities, repeat lies, refute lies when the time comes, make up stories, and move on to the next disaster. If Americans wanted this to continue, Hillary would be president. Americans are sick of the Obama administration lies, not to mention its treasonous policies and agendas – that’s taken for granted.

Trump has already brought his knowledge of the business world to the benefit of manufacturing jobs back in the USA. His cabinet will be filled with excellent generals, businessmen and women, trusted politicians, brilliant minds and experts in their fields. The name of the game starting January 20 is the rule of law and constitutional rights – a huge change from the whims of liberal ideologues focusing on which sector to decimate at the moment.

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If Journalists Reported the News, They Wouldn’t Be Surprised about Trump

America has gloriously been delivered the gift of Trump to stop the liberal progressive assault. The leftist media has been reporting democrat talking points for decades as the news and apparently ignored the real world news. Unfortunately for Hillary, the news that did get through was Obama claiming (threatening to the majority) that his policies were on the ballot.

Falling behind in my newspaper reading, I glanced over the headlines for the week prior to Trump’s victory. I found absolutely nothing on why to vote for Hillary. The headlines ran from “Hillary has a 98 percent chance of winning” to “How will Trump supporters handle his loss” to “What does Trump do after the election.” America, due to her freedoms, has the free internet where blogs, social media, Twitter and videos showed a completely opposing story of the election. Compared to the internet, the reporting from the “real” mainstream media reads more like satire.

A post-election article being shared on social media reports that Trump supporters are regretful of their votes. This is so far from the truth, it continues to read like satire. There is palpable excitement in any leak of Trump’s cabinet. So many qualified, reputable, experienced people are being vetted. The socialist PC’ers have no more say; the adults are back and it feels like divine intervention. Hillary’s cabinet would have been picked by going through the Clinton Foundation donor log. Nightmare.

Mainstream media and liberal education policies have nearly destroyed parts of the younger generations. Millenial snowflakes believed every word of the mainstream and are having meltdowns. The uneducated are taking the Soros-funded, rioting protest jobs. Meanwhile, businessman President-Elect Trump is making promises on bringing jobs back to America. How hopeful is that, little snowflakes and rioters? When you make more money, you can give more to charities. Government was not made to bleed dry the workers to give to the non-workers. People revolt to that and win elections. Journalists should be reporting that the nation’s peaceful revolt is over. Trump is the next president of the United States.

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We Love Trump

Election night had us on pins and needles. The thought of the Clintons back in the White House disgusted us and the continuation of the progressive liberal assault on our country petrified us. Could conservatism finally win in this PC world of snowflake millenials, militant gays and anarchists? Would the silent majority pull an offset or had liberalism set in? At 1:37am on November 9th, we were rewarded with the election of Donald Trump as president.

The silent majority had enough, enough of the left stream media, celebrity interjection, political elite with their corruption, cronyism & lies, endless taxation, policies named for exactly the opposite of what they do (Affordable Care Act – yeah, right), the PC police, erasure of Christianity from our lives, schools’ liberal indoctrination, destruction of our healthcare, immigration influx, Muslim tolerance, assault on our police, BLM  destructive riots, Common Core, disarming of the military, climate change fraud, encroachment of the EPA, the list could go on and on. And the power of these will soon end, some by the stroke of President Trump’s pen.

Trump may have been the only person to have been able to take on the media, the Clinton regime and the Obama regime. He was the right person for the right time to take them on. He did it. He broke through the madness and can now clear out the garbage of our government. He knew to be himself without fear of the PC world. He took the shots and arrows for us and kept standing. Because of Trump, many of us can rest without the worry of what Hillary had planned for our nation. He has earned our trust and has lifted the chains of liberalism from us. We wait anxiously for his inauguration on January 20. May God bless Trump and his family and may God continue to bless the United States of America. And may the misguided come to understand America and know what it means to be free.

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Words of Walter Scott from 1808 Describe this Election

This presidential election season comes down to electoral college votes Tuesday night. The United States will have elected a successful businessman or a lifelong, crooked female politician. The momentum is with Trump after H has practically been coronated while picking out Oval Office drapes.

H already played the typical destroy republican cards that worked on Romney – doesn’t pay taxes and hates women. Trump still stands surrounded by pumped up crowds. H’s VP pick draws maybe 30 to an event. H isn’t doing much better. She has tried to duplicate O’s exact wording about closing down the coal mines; he is applauded and she is disparaged. She has tried the tax the 1% and fairness for everyone as O did; no one believes her. It’s quite surprising to her that it just isn’t working this time around; O had it so easy.

Julian Assange via WikiLeaks and James O’Keefe via hidden videos have been exposing the truth on democrats for which Americans are forever grateful, and yet the perverted husband of H’s confidant Huma may ultimately bring her down. Of course, it is Huma’s fault for using her home computer for classified State Department business, but the emails were only found because her squirrely husband is being investigated.

The best words to depict this election were written in 1808 by Walter Scott. “Oh, what a tangled web we weave . . . when first we practice to deceive.” H is guilty of lies, deception and much worse, as well as the democrat machine – the political elite, Main Street media, the crony capitalists, the foreign donors, Wall Street, Big Banks and other low-level political hacks. Thank you Julian Assange and James O’Keefe.  This election is our chance to rid the world of  H’s corrupt influence that has been going on for far too long. Go, Trump, and make America great again.

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#1 Reason Americans Plan to Vote for Hillary

The #1 reason Americans plan to vote for Hillary: The plain and simple truth is their ignorance. Pop culture and a liberal media have guided these sheep into believing and supporting the indefensible. It truly is a shame when the ignorant have no clue that they are ignorant. Hillary supports the following:

  1. Obamacare architect Gruber – on video – calls you too stupid to understand simple economics & that Obamacare would have never passed if Americans knew this was just a huge tax.
  2. Planned Parenthood, top abortion provider in the world, is caught selling baby body parts for profit. In a civilized world, it would have been closed down immediately.
  3. As Muslims commit terrorist acts one after the other, democrat politicians ask you to look the other way. Hillary runs on bringing millions more to America and is on video calling for open borders.
  4. The Clinton Foundation is built on millions of dollars funded by the Mid-East.
  5. Democrats have encouraged Black Lives Matter built on thugs – also named innocent black youth – being killed by police to ensue race riots.
  6. Democrats support public teacher unions to the point of closing charter schools proven to be beneficial to the education of minorities and push poor curricula.

The ignorant are like sheep. They say nothing and continue to support smooth-talking politicians. The architect of Obamacare calls you stupid? You find out in America people are selling baby body parts? Unvetted Muslims are coming to America and committing terrorist acts? Your presidential candidate is indebted to Mid-Eastern countries? Blacks are killing our police because they have a grievance? Successful charter schools are closed? Americans supporting democrats are complicitly supporting the above.

Questioning any of the six above results in the same answer: money for politicians & their friends. Period. Everyday Americans are hurt by these policies, and badly. Hillary supporters should ask themselves why on earth am I listening to her spew her garbage when all we get out of it is garbage. No matter how many times she states that she is for children, for women, for minorities, blah, blah, blah, question the six above and ask yourself if this woman who defends the above deserves your vote as President of the United States. Money is power and this woman will be dangerous with power.

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The Elite Still Think We Care What They Think

Trump will win the presidency. This will be despite everything thrown against the wall at Trump: media-backing of H, elite republican politicians trashing Trump, Trump’s locker room talk videos, non-issues such at the O’s birth certificate, Trump’s taxes & sure more to come before November 8. Even fraudulent voting will not topple Trump.

Trump is the end of liberal progressivism in America. Trump will bring the end of political correctness, the end of political elite power, the end of sending our tax dollars as thanks to donors, end of faux racism and police hatred, end of LGBTQ in our faces, end of government positions going to donors and friends, and finally, the end of the Clinton machine. Trump will bring business sense to the national budget, tax reform and regulations. He will surround himself with quality leadership bringing strength to our military and competence to government entities such as EPA, IRS, and Homeland Security. Our Justice Department and Supreme Court will follow the law and our constitution. When the economy recorrects from zero percent interest rate, Americans can feel some sort of relief that a successful, competent businessman is in charge.

Americans are no longer allowing the powerful media and political elite to determine our future. The ones left behind will be those who continue coddling progressive values such as denigrating whites as privileged, actively promoting welfare as a way of life, promoting victim-hood to minorities as a right to destroy communities, teaching feelings over knowledge, and trying to convince Americans that Islamic terrorism isn’t a problem. We want America back strong and sane. We want our patriotism to shine. We want to feel safe. We want our children to know the America we know. With Trump, Americans will know that the United States is run by a president who has their best interests at heart.

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A Smug, Lying, Power-hungry, Indebted Woman Wants to Be President

Trump is hugely correct on this point: Without the media behind H, she would not have a chance of being near the White House. The truth on this woman is frightening. It should be laughable that she is this close to the presidency. But, this is liberal progressive media-backing of a deplorable candidate as a thoughtful, caring grandmother politician. Smart thinking Americans must ask themselves – Why the hell would we want to put this smug, lying, power-hungry, indebted woman to her powerful crony friends and foreign countries in charge of our lives? November 8th is the time to show the political elite and media where they can stick it.

H will continue Obama’s legacy of lining donor friends’ pockets at our expense. This scam should be punishable by jail. We don’t need another super-indebted president handing out taxpayer money to her friends via cooperation of her justice department. In addition to the money, H is far from being a friend of the American public. She will continue to promote anti-American security laws and regulations. Americans deserve better than open immigration and a blind eye to Islamic terrorism.

Americans know why the political elites and the media want and need H. It is all about the corrupt power that they are used to and like very much. Trump is our chance to break up this powerhouse of corrupt politicians and media. Period. We have had enough and want true leadership that is of the people, for the people, by the people. One necessary leadership quality of successful people is that they surround themselves with the best. Successful businessman Trump has a history of assigning the best and brightest to necessary positions. We already know who H will surround herself with – her biggest donors who paid to play. The United States does deserve better than this corrupt woman, right?

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